Roof Cleaning

Most people are not aware of the structural damage moss, mold and lichen can do to your roof. If left untreated, it will start to degrade your roof due to the caustic nature of mold spores and the moss and mold will cause excess water absorption to concrete and clay tile roofs degrading them faster.

This will make you need to replace your roof 10 years earlier than if it were treated.

Our roof cleaning service is available for all roof types including tiled roofs, terracotta roofs, corrugated iron roofs and metal roofs.

Roof cleaning is a great, affordable way to restore pride to your weary looking home without having to to replace your roof at a greater costly expense.

You can prolong the lifespan of your roof. We specialise in roof and gutter cleaning and our expert team will pressure wash your roof to remove dirt, debris, moss and lichen.

For cement or terracotta tiles we are also able to apply a steriliser and fungicide to inhibit future growth of moss and lichen.

We also fully insured and working at safe heights compliant.

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What our happy customers say

“I have a new house, thanks to Mark from Crystal Clear Pressure Cleaning! He has transformed the house exterior and surrounding walkways/paved areas. As for the driveway, it looks like the concrete has just been poured. Finding people who are responsive and turn up on time is a rarity. Mark surpassed my expectations.

I would re-engage and recommend Mark and Crystal Clear Pressure Cleaning without hesitation.”

Natallie – Ulladulla