House Washing

Restore the beauty of your home and boost property value with professional pressure house washing.

House washing is the number one way to take as good care of the outside of your property as you do of the inside. Dirt, grime and oil stains can make your home look older than it is. Power washing, also called “pressure washing” provides a deep clean that blasts away layers of dirt and grime and leaves your house and walkways sparkling clean.

However, under no circumstances should you do it yourself or allow any unqualified person to point a pressure washer at your home.

Why not?

Because you are almost certain to damage your property. It takes professional knowledge and skill to properly pressure wash a home in a way that is tough on dirt and easy on exterior finishes.

We clean your home from top to bottom.

Your home is probably your largest investment and an important part of your life. Keeping the exterior clean does not just give you a source of pride, it also keeps green, black mold and mildew from damaging your homes paint and building materials. It’s important to schedule professional house exterior cleaning to protect your investment and extend the life of your property.

The secret to house washing is soft washing

We use a low-pressure soft washing specially formulated chemical treatment with our advanced cleaning equipment that cleans your house exterior walls, windows, down pipes, eaves, fly screens & exterior doors, without any risk of damage to your home. The soft wash solution only takes a few minutes to go to work, and it breaks down grime, mold and cobwebs.

If you have stubborn dirt, we may have to loosen it with a soft brush prior to rinsing it off to ensure we get an even clean. Once the solution works, we’ll then rinse it off with a final low-pressure cold water wash down rinsing away all the dirt, mold & grime. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We treat every property as if it were our own… and in the rare case you notice we have missed a spot, we will gladly return and fix it all up for you!

House washing before painting

It’s imperative you clean your homes exterior before you paint. It’s a very important procedure and exterior house washing is the fastest way to prepare the surface for painting. We assure you once you begin house washing you will see years of accumulated dirt and grime wash away before your eyes and you will be glad you decided to do it.

A clean surface helps the paint adhere to the surface. Paint manufacturers guarantee their product will last longer when applied to a clean surface. By painting over a dirty surface you are reducing the lifespan of the paint. Sure, you can paint over a dirty surface.
Yes, the paint will adhere to the surface, but is it really worth doing knowing you will have to do it again in the near future. It’s well worth the effort to do it right the first time!

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What our happy customers say

“Mark from Crystal Clear Pressure cleaned and rejuvenated my house exterior, alfresco paving area and driveway surfaces, I was amazed how much dirt and mold was removed, I was very happy with their work .”

Tammy – Conjola NSW